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Garlic cloves more !? Of course we heard about all those publications about the (supposed to be)so amazing health benefits of Garlic so of course I was trusting/believing over 20 years that Garlic in an interesting and delicious Natural remedy...which is of partially correct! I also trusted mistakenly at that times that the medical system...and their recommendations mean good to us! Now what has changed and clarified my understand about Garlic cloves ..a bit more in details: My mother took for her heart condition over 10 years a very good quality of different garlic pills and got still sicker and weaker by the years …and still had to take the drugs…and every year one more until she was on 8 different harmful medications …got bladder cancer and past away in 1995 … I still believed that Garlic is good stuff… and use it…until I studied in 1991 about food allergies very intensively and came across many documentations ! Not only that Garlic is on the Allergen list in the top rankings ..also that Garlic is a very acidic/aggressive (under earth /shady plants ) herbal plant /like an antibiotic …so strong that you have to be careful with it! You can take it in emergency situation in special dosages and ONLY for a short time so it don’t harm you! Regular Garlic is so strong that it kill’s the red blood cells and specially kill’s our sensitive Brain cells by the thousands! Yes Garlic kills bacteria and parasites… but it is just so powerful/aggressive and (burns wholes inside your stomach lining) that it also kills way to many good cells too! We have to first really thing what is the balance between “good ~ bad “before making a decision on “what we really put inside our body”! Interesting to observe …additional sign was,.watching international professional chefs using the garlic cloves ONLY to wipe out the cooking bowls with it…to get the flavor…but NEVER put the garlic clove itself inside the foods!?mhmhm!… Now that a part of my first turn of 18 years ago… and so I looked for alternatives and found a way more healthy and delicious Leafy Garlic which grows on top of the earth in the sun and has ( life force) chlorophyll and so much advanced healing effects as that shady plant garlic clove! It is called Bear Paw Garlic and taste amazingly delicious in the foods. !
So I was very pleased, happy and felt save with our new leafy Garlic flakes in our gourmet cooking! Link to the blog about the conscious garlic: Now I move to Jamaica 12 years ago and resources of Bear paw garlic in the Caribbean are just not that easy to find …so we had lost our focus and the regular garlic has sneaked through our staff a bit in our kitchen again,.. but still very carefully and in a cooked form it is not that harmful as in raw! Still it was not right and I personally always worked around it if possible until I recently now did an 8 weeks retried of fasting /cleansing /parasite removal. I used a lot of aw foods and then also juicing in the last weeks and as you might know that wormwood and black walnut are pretty strong herbs you can not take them longer then 10 days in one set ….I had to use something else to kill the parasites…continuously as the breading cycle is 6 weeks and to do it right you need to get a hand on it with multiple parasite killing agents and that for the whole 6 weeks ! A good friend of mine reminded me of the strong anti-parasitic effect of fresh garlic and I guess I forgot all about the danger and took it in raw form inside my salads ! Trust me when your body /colon is so clean after already 4 weeks of cleansing it is so absorbing that you feel everything you eat with double/ triple effects …as it goes right away into your blood stream…! I was so weak and sick for hours after eating this …and I was wondering what is making me so sick …as that salad was so delicious and organic ingredients other wise ??? Yes I felt it at that time so strong and wondered for a couple days! When I suddenly came across an life saving Youtube documentation of an amazing smart and conscious Health Practitioner called Andreas Moritz who has multiple very powerful publicatiosn on the net and here just talked about the danger of garlic …listen on yourtube @ It opened my eye’s again and reminded me instantly that I did a bad mistake and truly poisoned me for a couple days! Now from that link I reached again to a next very educated medical professional called Dr Robert Beck and his documentations confirm the first documentation in many ways and as I am using over 15 years Now an amazing Therapy equipment from Dr. Beck …so I trust this amazing man 100% and know that what he is telling us is true …watch your self I of course left out garlic and onions complete out of my life from that day again and replaced it with Bear paw Garlic and the purple Garlic flower from a vine plant growing here in Jamaica , use chives and scallion and all only in cooked form! I fell so much better when I eat the foods and have also changed all our recipes again/restricted the Garlic cloves fully in our restaurant facilities for the safety of our clients (created even a new Garlic flavored Himalayan salt blend ) I know and clearly see that it is just not necessary at all to use it anymore! Now just one more thing… WHO is now all of a sudden trust worthy to you ? I kind of felt …. I should be always warned when I see a so called natural product in all shelf’s of all Pharmacies and actually also near like every Doctor recommend/even prescribe you Garlic pills ! Health is just not their business …so think yourself what makes the Garlic pills now really suspicions to many of us! Of course everyone else out there must make their own conscious decision in regards of what to eat and what to season with Love and light for a healthy and bright future Sigrid Ribbe HHP /Jamaica 2012 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~For the health conscious seekers of more wisdom ~ Here a bit about the really fabulous Bear paw garlic ..also called Wild Alpine Garlic Natural Cardio Health with the conscious Garlic from mother nature Changing your lifestyle, and using supplements such as alpine wild garlic, can help you maintain your cardio health tremendously and will give as a seasoning also give you a very good flavor in your food!. Way more Health Benefits that regular Garlis as it Improves & maintain cardiovascular health through it’s high high *chlorophyll content (* natural detox and blood builder tool) to regulate and maintain healthy blood pressure levels without side effects as it cleans out and remove instantly toxins and free radicals !  Has much more benefits then regular garlic, (no side effects like regular garlic )  high in antioxidant properties  Activates macrophages to reduce the synthesis of LDL cholesterol and protect against plaques and blood clots  antibacterial and antifungal properties for maintaining optimal immune health  support the rejuvenation of the blood cells and do not attack /distroy them like the regular Garlic when missused and consumed on a daily base! Wild Alpine Garlic will naturally increase microcirculation Features  Is odorless upon digestion ( still smells & taste like Garlic)  Has high adenosine content  Has high g-glutamyl peptide (GLUT) content  Has never been domesticated and is found in Europe  rich in blood cleansing/rejuvenating Chlorophyll ( support clean skin)  Active substances are from leaves, not the bulbs ( from the regular garlic /shady plants ) Bear Paw Garlic ™ is a unique and side effect free form of garlic. It is not derived from Allium sativum, the species of garlic sold in supermarkets and used in garlic supplements. Rather, Bear Paw Garlic ™ comes from Allium ursinum, a wild species of garlic found in central Europe.! Learn more about Wild Alpine Garlic also called Bear Paw Garlic on our blog:

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How to keep my Body 100% vital/free from diseases !?

We are a amazing natural creations and should know /realize that in the first place we were perfectly created!

Our powerful immune system and our self healing system can
(when enabled/unblocked ) eleminate and reverse any form of Ailment!

The # 1 natural Wappen agaist diseases are Parasite cleanser and fungus cleanser !

Have a closer look at the word AIL MENT!!!!

I know you have ben foulled over decates now...!

Our real problem are simply the little alien invasions...
Viruses , Bacteria , Funguses and parasites /worms !!

Yes my dear reader... this is it!The answer to find optimal health and wellbeing!
is :

parasite /fungus cleansing on a regular base and you will be never sick again!

Here part 1)of natural solutions to clean up and get you and your family back in perfect shape !

have fun learning about "Mother Natures Healing Treasures" and share!

Sinusitis is s fungus problem!Herpes is a parasite and can be vanished out of blood!

Eczema & most skin diseases are fungus/parasites hosting your body!

100% natural solution are available

learn all about Fungus in humans and how it realated to Cancer

How does Colloidal Silver Works?

Colloidal Silver acts as a back–up immune system: "Taking sufficient daily Colloidal Silver is like having a second immune system. It acts parallel to and independent of the body's own first line of defense." .

Colloidal Silver isn't a new discovery. In the early part of this century it was used extensively by the medical profession in the United States for bacterial infections. It was reported to be expensive to produce and difficult to store, so when antibiotics were developed in the late 1930's they quickly replaced colloidal silver. Medical Uses of Silver: Since 1884, a dilute silver nitrate solution has been placed in the eyes of newborn infants virtually eliminating a disease that caused blindness in newborns. In 1884, Dr. F. Crede, a German obstetrician was the first to try this solution. In 1968, silver was combined with sulfadiazine to produce a drug that is 50 times more powerful than sulfadiazine on its own. It has become the most widely used drug for treating burn wounds. Research shows silver promotes the production of new cells so increases the rate of healing in both wounds and bone. Regeneration of whole areas of skin has been accomplished with silver treatments.

The Importance of "Colloidal"

The body's most important fluids, the blood and lymph, are colloidal in nature. Therefore, it's easier for the body to use and assimilate a colloidal substance. Colloidal simply means a suspension of ultra–fine particles of one substance, suspended by an electric charge in another substance. With colloidal silver, ultra–fine particles of silver are suspended in distilled water.

Not only good for Humans ! Here's a favorite story from page 38 of the booklet: "Jill forgot to provide for her goldfish while on vacation. Upon her return she found them floating belly–up in some very stinky water. She changed the water and put the limp fish in the fresh water, instead of the toilet, to give them one last chance. They didn't improve. She thought of Colloidal Silver, and added a few drops to the fish tank. Very soon, the fish were swimming merrily, and have been ever since." Exelent for your pet's we add it daily in their drinking water ...( Heart worm protection)and a rescue for Parvo virus !

Recommended dosage Adult:
1-3 tables spoon daily 6 weeks twice a year for a proper parasite cleansing!
In cases of acute infections it should be taken 3 times a day 100ml

Use common sense and drink when needed.
You can use it externally by using a dropper to put it on infections.
I also very useful for insect bite’s, skin irritations, bums eczema , sunburns just pour/ spray a little Colloidal silver over the red skin and let it dry.

More information please email us to :

US phone contact: 786 463-5189
or Jamaica: (876)796-5080

Detailed Information about fungus symthomes(many pictures) you can find @